Health & Wellness

What is Whole-Person Health at Breathe Yoga & Wellness?

As a part of a person's entire wellness team, honoring not only conventional definitions of "health" but also social, psychological, and emotional wellness, Breathe Yoga & Wellness promotes a well-rounded approach to finding life balance. Breathe Yoga & Wellness is a member of Foothills Holistic Alliance, a local network of practitioners who share values around complementary wellness.

Students of Breathe Yoga & Wellness are eligible to receive special rates on group classes, private sessions, and special events through our referral program.

Referring wellness practitioners should send their patient's or client's name by email, which is secure and confidential. We support medical pain management, anxiety and inflammation reduction, and a host of preventative and treatment plans. Burke County's holistic and traditional medical workers are drawing from several models of care that are being researched and implemented around the globe.

Practitioners, clients, patients, and students can also email for more information to this same address with questions about our referral program.

Therapeutic benefits of yoga extend beyond fitness. Yoga can be delivered not only in the studio, but also in doctors' offices, community centers, hospital wings, wellness centers, classrooms, and any space where people gather who have common conditions. Yoga therapy is a person-centered approach, is led by specially trained instructors, and takes into account a person's total wellness, physical and mental health conditions, and is centered around a specific goal, such as sleep regulation, support of healing from injury or surgery, reducing effects of chronic conditions, pain reduction. Evidence-based/evidence-informed yoga modalities are offered along with full assessment, recommendations and follow up. Set up a Yoga Therapy, Private Session, or Assessment by email to

Ayurvedic Wellness

Breathe Yoga & Wellness partners with a number of Ayurvedic specialists to offer group workshops, private consultations, and specialized treatment.

Living Alchemy Ayurveda leads full-day seasonal practice workshops for both students of yoga as well as instructors for continuing education. Upcoming seasonal practice workshops can be found here. Living Alchemy provides Health Consultations and Body Work in Morganton at Breathe Yoga & Wellness following group workshops. To check for available appointments, follow this link. For more details on services and for making appointments at Living Alchemy's Asheville location, follow this link.

Asheville Ayurveda also leads group sessions as well as discounted Health Consultations and Ayurvedic Treatment at their Asheville office for people who have attended group sessions at Breathe Yoga & Wellness. For details on services and for making appointments at Asheville Ayurveda's Asheville location, follow this link.

Modern Wellness Research

There has been increasing public interest in complementary alternative medicine during the past decade in the U.S. that led to the establishment of the Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, by the U.S. Congress to conduct scientific evaluation of these therapies.

One of the most comprehensive resources for peer-reviewed research into holistic modalities is Dr. Timothy McCall, MD's twenty-eight page list of references with hyperlinks to study abstracts and, where available, to free fulll-text articles. Preview and then download this list here.